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mike saturday lecky
3 December
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I run an indie publishing company, Loose Teeth Press. I like to drink and skateboard and get in trouble, but I also like drinking tea and reading, which I do a couple of hours a day on average. I like silk screening and I used to like taking pictures but I don't anymore.

I like to travel, I've done about 80,000 kms so far, which is twice around the world at the equator if it was all in a straight line, but of course it wasn't. The drive down the Washington / Oregon / California coast is a personal favourite. Hitchhiked across Canada, that one was good too. Lots of things, lots of things.

I say, "Coffee is bad for you" about once a day but I spend $60 a week on booze. I fell off a cliff into the sea in February last year. I was cold and I almost died but I came out more alive.

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